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Christmas Is Coming

The Christmas period is a busy time for all and Delifresh are here to take some of the strain away from you as we venture into December together.

You have safely landed into our festive themed vibes and we welcome you if this is your first visit.

This area will be alive right through the period enabling you to glide back often to inspire your minds whilst capturing some fantastic online only offers. Making sure you have a hassle-free and most amazing Christmas period.

Have You Had Your First Mince Pie Yet ??
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  • Hock
    Ham Hock Terrine

    Slowly cooked northern hocks are picked down and pressed with an outstanding flavoured jelly

    This visually fantastic and most flavoursome ham hock pressing is ready to excite.

  • Parfait
    Chicken Liver Parfait

    Smooth and luxurious this chicken liver parfait is a festive saviour as its ready to slice and serve.

  • Duck
    Duck & Port Terrine

    A Classic smooth duck liver terrine with added port to bring some extra magic to a fabulous creation.

All Our Terrines Are Hand Made In Cumbria With A Minimum Of 13 Slices From Each Terrine

  • Shutterstock 695327914
    Sliced Brioche

    You simply can’t serve a terrine without a slice of toasted brioche.

    This buttery French bread is deep with flavour and is the most perfect accompaniment to many things.

    Presliced to take the strain away and reduce wastage you must give it a try.

  • Apple
    Orchard Apple Chutney

    This chutney will blow your senses as the twist of beautiful flavours will most definitely excite.

    Orchard apples cooked slowly with a combination of soaked sultana, dark sugar and a blend of spices gives this chutney a great flavour and remarkable textured edge like nothing else.

  • Pancettasliced
    Pancetta Sliced

    This Cumbrian pancetta is infused with a cure of juniper, bay and a secret blend of salt and spices,

    Once cured it’s smoked over oak for 6 hours. Thinly sliced this sophisticated pancetta is definitely worth investigating

  • Pancettadiced
    Pancetta Diced

    Save some time during the busy season and get your pancetta already diced!!

    We all know that the seasonal sprouts are crying out to be paired with some crisp deep flavoured pancetta and at this price what’s there to lose.

  • Shutterstock 7317448331
    Confit Duck Leg

    Remove the complexity from trying to create your own confit duck during the busy period.

    These pre-cooked confit duck legs are so beautiful it will drive you quackers. Give them some deep heat and watch the skin crisp revealing that most outstanding confit duck flavour that festive dreams are made off.

    Make sure you keep back the excess fat for the roasties!!!

  • Shutterstock 727080781
    Fresh Turkey Stock

    Now is the time to take the pressure out of producing a fresh turkey stock.

    This beautiful flavoured fresh stock is waiting for you to create your festive sauce in your own way.

    Perfectly balanced and clarified why not gobble up this brilliant stock it's a total no brainer

  • Cranberry
    Cranberry Sauce

    Is there any point making such a sauce when this is pre made and so very tasty!!!

  • Shutterstock 384374305
    Chestnut Puree

    Unsweetened and ready for the festive challenge you need to get this through your stuffing!!!

  • Shutterstock 1148524226
    Lobster Bisque

    When it comes to a busy rush there’s nothing better than finding a product like this most outstanding flavoured lobster Bisque.

    Authentic and easy to use it can be adapted in many ways what are you waiting for??

  • Shutterstock 487795459
    Pumpkin Tortelloni

    Hand Created by latua pasta this delectable pumpkin stuffed tortelloni is perfect for a festive vegetarian option.

    Cook from frozen for zero wastage these are unique and most amazing.

Take Your Pick

The Christmas period wouldn’t be complete without a cheeky festive cheese board.

Whether it is cranberry infused Wensleydale, Traditional creamy Camembert, Nutty Coastal Cheddar or a sublime Black Sticks Blue.

Whichever takes your fancy during Christmas we have your festive cheese covered.
  • Shutterstock 797339122
    Wensleydale & Cranberry

    This classic Wensleydale option is a favourite amongst many.

    The team at Wensleydale deep in the dales create this fruit-infused beauty giving us all a touch of Christmas on every festive cheese board.

  • Shutterstock 607323149

    Camembert is a cheese that sometimes is overlooked but in fact it’s a great treat at any time of year.

    So very affordable and perfect for every occasion Camembert can add a touch of magic to many things

    Baked camembert anyone???

  • Shutterstock 1159414495
    Coastal Cheddar

    If you are hunting for a deeply flavoured cheddar that will give you a true cheddar smack then Coastal Cheddar is the cheese for you.

    Lactic crystals are a plenty supported by sweet deep flavoured curd creates this most outstanding cheddar.

  • Blacksticks Blue Copy
    Black Sticks Blue

    Hand Created by Butlers Cheese - Black Sticks blue is a northern showpiece on any cheese board.

    Soft and creamy in texture with a just enough blue bite to tingle your taste buds Black Sticks Blue will most definitely stand out as a true festive delight.

  • Shutterstock 2882803401
    Spiced Baby Figs In Syrup

    These delightful minifigs are steeped in a spiced syrup and ready to serve.

    They are a great accompaniment to your sweet treats, dropped through a sauce or simply used as a garnish on your cheese board. You need to give them a try.

  • Shutterstock 149481536
    Damson Membrillo

    This is something totally Wild and truly inspirational.

    Foraged damsons hand picked by the team at Totally Wild are stewed amongst a secret blend of ingredients to create truly delicious and unique membrillo.

    Perfect cut with game meats and most amazing with cheese.

  • Peter
    Peter's Yard Biscuits

    These are not just a traditional cheese biscuit this mixed box of crispbreads is perfect for many things.

    Within the box, there is a mixture of flavours and shapes perfectly to be used as a carrier for canapés and of course the cheese board.

  • Fondant
    Chocolate Fondant

    Hot chocolate fondant with a melting centre is a real treat but sometimes difficult execute.

    This luxurious fresh fondant mix is simple to use and brings constant results every time

  • Truffles
    Mixed Chocolate Truffles

    A mixture of delectable balls containing flavours such as: Salted Caramel, Raspberry & Champagne, Orange liqueur, Bucks Fizz and more this box will most definitely excite when it comes to your after-dinner treats.

  • Bloc
    Northern Bloc Ice Cream

    What better way to top your sweet treats than a scoop of amazing Northern Bloc ice cream.

    Handmade with passion and innovation at heart both these ice creams will give you that perfect festive finish

    The cinnamon & Speculaas biscuit option is mindblowing, also make sure you check out the Hazelnut & Rose as this is created as a VEGAN option to help in these busy times ahead.

  • Pies
    Mini Mince Pies

    Small individual mini mince pies topped with a Christmas star really do give our mincers a homemade feel.

    An essential succulent treat packed with lovely mincemeat what more could you possibly need?

  • Puds
    Christmas Puddings

    A perfect sized, great flavoured and authentic pudding can be tricky to find. Matthew Walker has years of expertise in creating amazing puddings, so why not let them take the pain out of making yours.

    Simply steam, or apply a quick fast heat which will reveal a great single portion Christmas pudding just waiting for the brandy sauce.

  • Sauce
    Brandy Sauce

    Macphie are masters of creating some magical finishing sauces which offers you consistency and saves you time.

    Just simply bring this Brandy Sauce to the boil, whisk for a short period and bingo!

    A brandy sauce that’s ready to excite.